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SA entrepreneurs pledge to improve your Wi-Fi experience

Cape Town — Feb. 12, 2015 — Asimmetric, a Cape Town-based startup, launches a groundbreaking solution to help Wi-Fi operators monitor and improve their networks’ user experience.

Many of us rely on Wi-Fi every day, yet so often we are frustrated by the experience. Wi-Fi providers lack the tools to understand how users experience their network. This can leave us unable to connect, login, access Facebook, or stream YouTube, and the Wi-Fi provider may not even realise it.

Cape Town-based startup Asimmetric wants to change that. Its unique Wi-Fi monitoring solution helps Wi-Fi providers measure and manage their network user experience.

Asimmetric’s Bots connect to a Wi-Fi network, login, and use services such as YouTube and Facebook—mimicking the actions of a human user. Software evaluates and displays users’ Wi-Fi experience in real time on a series of dashboards. It alerts the provider to any issues and provides analytics to help diagnose those problems rapidly.

“Today, there’s a disconnect between what Wi-Fi providers think they’re offering and what users are actually experiencing. Wi-Fi providers’ systems don’t see what their users see and they can’t detect many of the issues impacting users,” says co-founder Fouad Zreik, a network engineer with 15 years experience. “With our solution, providers can now manage their networks proactively. Engineers can see exactly what users are seeing. They can detect issues immediately and begin troubleshooting without having to visit a site—saving time and money.”

One of the country’s leading Wi-Fi providers has been using Asimmetric’s solution since mid-2014. Asimmetric’s Bots are already installed in major shopping malls, hospitals, hotels and restaurants in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

“We’ve invested in building top-quality hardware and software. Our Bots include backup mobile connections so our clients can see what is happening at a site no matter what issues the site may be experiencing,” says David Wilson, CEO and co-founder. “Unlike most B2B solutions, our reports are super clean and simple. Engineers and executives actually want to use them.” Asimmetric is in talks with other Wi-Fi providers in SA and abroad.

“We’re on a mission to improve broadband experience for users, while helping network providers to scale up rapidly, manage the complexity that comes with having multiple systems and vendors, and contain operating costs,” says Wilson.

The company is also working on solutions beyond Wi-Fi. “We’re growing quickly,” adds Zreik, “we are tackling some important challenges in mobile and fixed telecoms.”

“Our goal is to be the independent authority on network user experience,” says Wilson. “We’re fortunate to have investors who share our vision and have faith in the team we’ve assembled.”

Asimmetric has attracted funding from telecoms industry leaders in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

About Asimmetric

Asimmetric helps mobile and Wi-Fi providers understand and improve how users experience their network—leading to happier customers and shareholders. Founded in late 2013, Asimmetric has attracted investment from telecoms industry leaders on three continents. It is based in Cape Town and Dubai, and is currently hiring top hardware, network and software engineers.